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I aim to continue leading Information Services/Systems in the product manufacturing and/or distributing industry. I have great passion for building and optimizing electronic communications infrastructures and am skilled at fostering open communications and building cost-efficient, strong team environments.

I have thirty years broad-based Information Systems/Technology experience with expertise in many communications and ERP systems. Financial and Human Resources controls have required me to quickly understand problems identified by staff and select appropriate resolution, take calculated risks, build consensus on concepts from key decision-makers, and practice relationship-building and communication skills. This has helped me meet budget goals for balancing Capital and SG&A expense dollars, balance multiple projects with competing priorities, and manage teams in environments of constant change. I have familiarity with most hardware, applications, and operating systems; unquestioned personal integrity; and the ability to handle sensitive/highly confidential issues in a tactful and diplomatic way. These strengths allow me to maintain close communications and working relations with my employees, customers, management, and vendors and always reach low-cost, high-return solutions.

I began my career in 1987 with 3 years technical research for the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, where I built a computer-based laboratory management environment for parturition physiology research. I networked DOS and Windows286 data-collection clients to a DECVAX minicomputer data-depository, and then interfaced physiographs, IR spectrophotometers, balances, gas chromatographs, mixers and chillers, thermometers, and variac transformers to the clients. Nearly all testing and data-collection was done, hands-free. I gained experience with data communications, including the use of ARPANET messaging, and the operations and interfacing of laboratory instruments.

With these skills, I worked the next 3 years as Systems Manager for the Field Services Division of the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) - where I implemented the state's first digital Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). In doing this, which required not only connecting many different analog and digital laboratory instruments to local computers, but heavy use of both LAN and WAN connectivity, I developed a keen interest in open (TCP/IP) network and applications connectivity.

In late 1993, when DEQ's LIMS was 100% implemented and operational, I was asked to network and automate LDDS Communications into the largest communications company in the world. So, I built a DEQ LIMS support and administration team and accepted the job with LDDS. LDDS grew quickly, with me leading the information technology and services consolidations/migrations for 61 acquisitions - including WilTel, IDB WorldCom, MFS/UUNet, Brooks Fiber, GridNet, SkyTel, CompuServe, AOL Network Services, MCI, etc. - building WorldCom, a Fortune 25 powerhouse that owned/ran over 50% of the Internet. These acquired companies had their own platforms with development/support staff, along with their own content - corporate directory, email accounts, web content about new products and/or services they brought to WorldCom, human resources and financial histories, etc. They also had their own equipment, connectivity, and sometimes buildings - for running these systems. I migrated these companies, consolidating and then decommissioning their environments, to use the WorldCom Corporate Intranet, Internet, pre-sales Customer Extranet, e-Mail, Directory Services, Materiel Management, and HR System. This Consolidate:Decommission model saved WorldCom an estimated 74 million dollars over 8 years. Leading and providing corporate communications for all these world-wide acquisitions, helped me to develop a number of award winning and globally recognized websites, communications models, and the most heavily used intranet site in the world. From 1999-2001, I served as Vinton G. Cerf's MCI-to-WorldCom applications connectivity advisor, and attended Vint's monthly direct-report staff meetings. In April 2002, an MCI-controlled board asked Bernie Ebbers, who hired me, to leave the company and I was laid off, two hours later.

I then prepared for the CIO position with First Choice Medical Supply™ (First Choice) by contracting with Health Management Associates for 1 year, where I: built a HIPAA-secure communications infrastructure; supported GE PACS networks, including public web and modality connectivity; designed and administered networking to 15 HMA sites; ported all doctor's privileges from paper to a LAMP web site to make HMA's first Physician's Privileges portal for nurses to find "who could do what to whom"; developed and implemented an MSDS Control portal; and built and ran for HMA's and YMCA's successful public ShrinkDown weight loss program. Most importantly, I implemented and provided regional administration for Pathways Materiel Management (PMM) to define and create private Internet-based extranet connectivity between McKESSON and HMA, which allowed me to become familiar with the healthcare industry's two leading suppliers, which would end up being First Choice's biggest sources for new customers - McKESSON and Medline.

I started working for First Choice Medical Supply™ in December, 2002, and was named CIO in June, 2003. Within my first few months at First Choice, I created and provided First Choice's Online Supply Center (OSC), a dynamic e-commerce environment for the eldercare medical supplies industry and First Choice's gross revenue grew quickly. By the 18th month of's operation, there were over 500 live accounts (Long Term Care, Home Care, Hospice, and DME) ordering medical supplies and equipment through the OSC, from all over the USA. By 2017, 4,000+ OSC accounts, placed orders producing 80% of First Choice's gross revenue. These OSC sales, plus other EDI trading partner sales (DSSi, Brightree, Liasion, etc.) totalled over 98% of First Choice's gross revenue (<2% from tel/FAX). I trademarked FCMS™ as a wholesale distributorship using OSC, an internal shipping distribution system, a UNIX-based ERP server network, and nine strategically placed distribution centers to accept, process, and deliver wholesale medical supply and equipment orders, across the USA. As CIO for First Choice, I also designed, implemented, and supported: all web and web to database and ERP development and administration; web-based SCAMD malicious emails prevention;'s on-line order tracking interface for ground and LTL carriers; operating infrastructure that connects distribution centers in 9 states using a and Cisco-based physical and Wi-Fi data network; and all EDI communications between, clearing house providers, and vendors. And I also customized and managed: First Choice's 3 back-end IBM RISC 6000 servers, which hosted an EPICOR ERP; UPS/Tandata ConnectShip shipping distribution servers; company wide VoIP Broadsoft-based telephone system; Knowbe4 phishing testing and training for all employees; OpenDNS domain name system forwarding for all computers; Sendgrid email campaigns; all service/trademarking and all other information systems within First Choice. And all my web deliverables for First Choice were 100% LAMP open source and approved as use-compliant by each responsible organization.

PI Survey - Kevin A Crothers

Summary of Predictive Index® Results

Name:   Kevin A. Crothers
Survey Date:   September 13, 2002
Report Date:   September 13, 2002

The results of the Predictive Index® survey should always be reviewed by a trained Predictive Index analyst. The PI Reporter® provides you with a brief overview of the results of the Predictive Index® and prompts you to consider many aspects of the results not contained in the overview. If you have not yet attended the Predictive Index® Management Workshop, please consult someone who has attended in order to complete the report.

Kevin is unassuming, unselfish and has a genuine interest in other people and a strong, intuitive understanding of them. Outgoing and friendly, he enjoys working with others and is lively, warm company.

A pleasant and extroverted person, Kevin is an effective communicator, able to stimulate and motivate others while being aware of and responsive to their needs and concerns. His congenial personality and friendly, interested attitude make him readily approachable. He gets along easily with a wide variety of people.

His drive is directed at working with and for others. He derives particular satisfaction from doing things for others, for the company, for his management, for the team and for the company's customers. Cooperative and willing, he can be a particularly effective teacher and communicator of the company's policies, programs, and systems.

Working at a faster-than-average pace, he is attentive to details and both quick and accurate in handling them. He is, however, too impatient to enjoy working with details as repetitive routine or as his primary responsibility.

Anxious to be sure that things are done exactly right, Kevin will follow-up carefully and closely if his work requires that he delegate details to others. When it is necessary for him to be critical, he will try to do that in a constructive, supportive manner. His sense of urgency and his sense of duty combine to make him actively concerned about the timeliness, as well as the correctness, of any work for which he is held responsible.

In general, Kevin is a cautious and careful person, respectful of company authority and traditions, a specialist who avoids risk and uncertainty by taking care to do things properly, working within the company's formal organizational structure.


To maximize his effectiveness, productivity, and job satisfaction, consider providing Kevin with the following:
  • Clear, specific description of his job, with duties, responsibilities, and organizational relationships clearly defined

  • Opportunities to learn everything he needs to know about his job

  • Management that recognizes him as a valued member of the team and consistently provides him with leadership back-up and expertise as needed

  • General assurance of security, respect, and appreciation of his work

  • Opportunities for interaction with people

Dec-2002 - Current  
Jackson, MS    
First Choice Medical Supply (currently hidden from display - using CSS)
Dec-2002 - Current  
Jackson, MS    
[Director of IT for FCMS at **McKESSON Medical-Surgical] (2018-Current)
[Director of IT for FCMS at *Medical Specialties Distributors] (2016-2018)
[Chief Information Officer for *First Choice Medical Supply] (2003-2016)
[Systems Consulting/Development for *First Choice Medical Supply] (2002-2003)
Personnel management and supervision:
  • Hire, lead, supervise, and retain employees
Designed, implemented, and support:
  • All web and web to database development and administration, including (OnlineSupplyCenter/OSC e-Commerce system, BudgetMaster customer spend-down control, a HIPAA-compliant operating infrastructure, Sales Quoting and Reporting Tool, Patient Direct home healthcare supply application, and more!)
  • All EDI communications between and clearing house providers and back-end EPICOR TURNS servers, including 850i/o, 997i/o, 855i/o, 852o, 810i/o, 820i, 832o, 867o, 844o, 812i, 849i with First Choice's sftp/ftps servers, IBM Sterling's VAN, and Kleinschmidt's VAN
  • "... Our web customers click a button and seconds later, their order's pick ticket automatically prints in the warehouse closest to them - 24 x 7!"
  • On-line order tracking interface for UPS, FedEx, SAIA, Con-Way, and most all other LTL carriers.
  • All data networking, including twelve remote networks and some DMZ's: Cisco firewalls, VPN's, routers, switches, and Wi-Fi
  • BJE (BrowseJustExceptions), using dedicated Linux Squid proxy servers and a filter that blocks all access, but what is requested and approved on forms via (this did wonders for the health of all Windows-based PC's)
  • LAMPX Secure Hosting Network, based on highly-refined Apache mod_security rules
  • All network security and access - internal and public
  • protected PHP code with Zend Guard
Other internal services I administer and support:
  • EPICOR IBM RISC6000 UNIX ERP - two P5 520's and one P7 720
  • UPS/Tandata ConnectShip
  • All telephony equipment and services (First a TOSHIBA CTX-670 and now VoIP Edgewater routers/switches via Broadsoft/NGT connecting all facilities)
  • All security equipment (ADT, including full video surveillance (DVR) and fire protection)
  • All lighting & environment control scheduling (TRANE - outside and inside)
  • Redundant Internet-VPN-connected LAN's to Distribution Centers in MS, PA, TX, FL, KS, AZ, KY, OR, and CA
  • A dedicated PostFix on Linux e-Mail server with MailArchiva and Office 365 Exchange On-Line e-Mail
  • Implemented and managed OpenDNS domain name system forward for all computers
  • Implemented and managed Knowbe4 phish testing and training to help prevent employees from clicking on malicious emails
  • Implemented e-Commerce communications with most all major VAN's and clearinghouse providers.
Since the time I built and made live, this company's gross revenue has experienced phenominal growth.

By the 18th month of's operation, there were already over 500 live accounts (for companies providing Long Term Care, Home Care, Hospice, and DME) ordering medical supplies and equipment from - from all over the USA! Now, there are 4,000 live accounts.

And with Jumpline and Linode partnerships, allowing us to easily overspec and virtually re-allocate resources, testing and estimating reports should not need to be upgraded until gross revenue has tripled.

All web deliverables are 100% LAMPX OpenSource and approved as use-compliant by each responsible organization.

*First Choice Medical Supply was acquired by Medical Specialties Distributors, LLC. (MSD) on December 07, 2016.

**MSD (including First Choice Medical Supply) was acquired by McKESSON Medical-Surgical on Jube 01, 2018.
Jun-2002 - Jun-2003
Jackson, MS    
Central Mississippi Medical Center / HMA (currently hidden from display - using CSS)
Jun-2002 - Jun-2003
Jackson, MS    
Information Systems Administrator
Personnel management and supervision:
  • Supervise all Network Leads and their employees
  • Direct Report to and first backup for MIS Director
Network administration and security:
  • Responsible for GE PACS networks, including public web and modality connectivity
  • Responsible for design and administration of all data networking, including fifteen remote networks and a DMZ: Cisco PIX Firewalls and VPN's; PIX-to-PIX Internet-based IPSEC VPN tunnels; Cisco/Kentrox CSU/DSU's; Fractional and Full T1's, NMLI, ISDN, Dial; Cisco routers; Cisco, Bay switches; Cisco, Bay, 3COM hubs; proxy services; and fiber backbone
  • Responsible for all hospital network security and access - internal and public
Web, database, and application development:
  • Responsible for all web and web to database development and administration that included creation of new Hospital intranet/extranet sites
  • Ported and Published all Doctor's Privileges from paper and MS-Word to XHTML/CSS and created an Apache-MySQL-PHP-based (AMP) web site running on Mac OS X Server, for all Physician's Privileges services
  • Designed, implemented, and supported:

    - first HIPPA Certification Testing web site/database used by all hospital staff
    - first MSDS Control web site/database to meet MSDS guidelines and standards for all applicable products and services
    -, with AMP. Secured site with OpenSSL and MySQL username/password-based sessions
    - first web help desk and corporate directory using AMP on Mac OS X Server v10.1
    - first Physician's Privileges web site and database for nurses to use for finding "who could do what to whom"
File, messaging, and print services:
  • Prepared infrastructure and implemented a co-existing, single domain integration of Netware NDS/Groupwise v5.5 with Windows 2000 AD/Exchange 5.5 SP4 network. Delivered a single point of user adds, deletes, and modifications, including password changes. Protected messaging with Symantec Anti-Virus Gateways. Provided on-call 24x7 support
  • Provided support to 300 user 15 file server network, including NDS and AD maintenance, user/group administration, local and remote connectivity for IPX/SPX and TCP/IP, MCC/BTRIEVE database connectivity/maintenance, NetWare Print Queuing Services, Veritas backups
  • Implemented and provided local administration for Pathways Materiel Management, and reduced steps and work required by working with McKESSON to define and create private Internet-based extranet connectivity between the two companies
Served as SouthEast Regional Network Administrator for HMA, which included being responsible for the listed duties for seven other hospitals.
Apr-2002 - Jun-2002
Jackson, MS    
Manpower (currently hidden from display - using CSS)
Apr-2002 - Jun-2002
Jackson, MS    
Part time technician
Technical work:
  • WLBT television station - cabling connectivity work to/from their satellite dish
  • Manpower - internal technical support
  • International Paper - rolled out new DELL systems and networking for pulp mill plant

As in 1990, I was able to find part time technical work, between jobs.

Sep-1993 - Apr-2002
Jackson, MS    
WORLDCOM (currently hidden from display - using CSS)
Sep-1993 - Apr-2002
Jackson, MS    
Senior Manager
[Director of *Corporate Intra/Internet Systems] (1994-2002)
[Head of Corporate Communications] (1997-2002)
[Head of Corporate IT Technical Services] (1995-1997)
[Corporate IT Network and Applications Administrator] (1994-1995)
[Systems Consulting] (1993-1994)
Personnel management and supervision:
  • Hire, lead, supervise, and retain employees, including middle management
  • Managed *four subdepartments, totalling 92 employees
  • Direct Report to and first backup for Sr. Director of Corporate Systems
Designed, implemented, and supported:
  • first and current Corporate Internet, Intranet, and Extranet web sites (these have won CIO Magazine, Businessweek, Ragan, and Computerworld awards)
  • first and current Materials Management infrastructure (Ariba) that communicated with finance (SAP) and HR (PeopleSoft) ERP's and allowed for all financial expenses to be channeled through one system
  • first geographical-balancing (Alteon 180e's) for Corporate web sites (this model won us a Smithsonian Natural History award in year 2000)
  • first Intrusion Detection network that allowed us to offer reliable extranet connectivity to customers
  • first and current HR-based Corporate Directory, which produced one datastore for all HR data
  • first and current web interfaces that allowed for the Directory to be utilized as a "One-Stop-Shop" for all employee, management, and HR needs
  • first directory services-based File Serving Networks (Novell Netware v4)
  • first E-Mail and Groupware system (cc:Mail and Lotus Notes)
  • - second E-Mail and Groupware system (Novell Groupwise)
  • - - third E-Mail and Groupware system (Netscape/iPlanet Messaging Suite)
  • first high-speed LANs and Internet connectivity (distributed DHCP, VPN, and PPP dial-up)
  • first desktop PC and Netware server hardware/software images, minimizing costs, vendor dependencies, and required support (~17,500 users at 35 sites)
  • web site and marketing communications for Mr. Ebbers hockey team
  • all Corporate Web Systems (~85,000 users at ~200 facilities)
Streamlined data processing expenditures (saving the company over 74 million dollars from 1994-2002)*

*Minimize expenses, reduce administration, increase security and keep WorldCom as one company, with one face! To do these things, I lead and maintained a strong effort of standardizing pieces of the information infrastructure for all companies we'd "merge with" or acquire. These acquired companies would have their own platforms and development/support staff for these services, and they'd also have their own content - corporate directory entries, email accounts, web content about new products and/or services they brought to WorldCom, human resources and financial histories, etc. They'd also have their own equipment, connectivity, and sometimes even buildings - for running these systems.

I migrated these companies, consolidating and then decommissioning their environments, to use the WorldCom Corporate Intranet, Corporate Internet, pre-sales Customer Extranet, e-Mail, Directory Services, Materiel Management, and HR System.

The 60 acquisitions where I lead these Information Technology migrations included WilTel, IDB WorldCom, WorldCom (the Lotus Notes company), MFS/UUNet, Brooks Fiber, GridNet, SkyTel, CompuServe, AOL Network Services, MCI, etc. This model for working through these acquisitions and successfully migrating all necessary communications resources, produced WorldCom, a Fortune 25 powerhouse that owned and ran over 50% of the Internet.

This Consolidate:Decommission model saved us the majority of these 74 million dollars.

Oct-1991 - Dec-1994
Jackson, MS    
MS DEQ (Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality) (currently hidden from display - using CSS)
Oct-1991 - Dec-1994
Jackson, MS    
Systems Manager for Office of Pollution Control's Field Services Division
Designed, implemented, and supported:
  • first Laboratory Information Management System (LabVantage LIMS)
  • first Internet connectivity (centralized RARP/BOOTP/DHCP and SLIP/PPP dial-up)
  • first E-Mail and Groupware system (cc:Mail and Lotus Notes)
  • first LANs and MANs for station-station and building-building connectivity
  • first File Serving Networks including bindery name services (Novell Netware v2,3,4)
  • all local and remote software and hardware (67 users at 5 sites)
Streamlined the division's data processing expenditures (saving nearly 1 million dollars from 1991-1994)

Oct-1990 - Oct-1991
Jackson, MS    
JTC (Jackson Typewriter Company) (currently hidden from display - using CSS)
Oct-1990 - Oct-1991
Jackson, MS    
UNIX/Network/Novell technician
Technical work:
  • UNIX support and shell scripting - mostly SUN Sparcstations
  • Novell Netware installation and support
  • Networking design, implementation, and support
  • Simply Dental implementation and support, using FoxPro for database

Was hired by JTC when training JTC staff when I was employed by Manpower

Aug-1990 - Oct-1990
Jackson, MS    
Manpower (currently hidden from display - using CSS)
Aug-1990 - Oct-1990
Jackson, MS    
Part time technician
Technical training instructor, mostly for JTC and MS DEQ:
  • Lotus 1-2-3 and WordPerfect
  • dBase 2
  • Networking

Part time technical work, between jobs.

May-1990 - Aug-1990
Las Vegas, NV    
Nationwide Check Cashing (currently hidden from display - using CSS)
May-1990 - Aug-1990
Jackson, MS    
Vice President of MIS
All needed technical work
  • Used and trained employees to use Lotus 1-2-3, WordPerfect, Photoscope, PoS system, etc.
  • dBase 2 administration
  • Networking administration - Arcnet within and between buildings

Working for the owner, John Kitchen, who helped me through college

Software:  GE PACS, Pathways Materiel Management, Synchronicity, Tivoli Desktop Imaging and Storage Manager, Arcserve, IBM ADSM, Microsoft SMS, Microsoft SQL, Apache, Microsoft IIS, Netscape/iPlanet Enterprise Server, Veritas Net Backup, NetIQ domain management tools and monitoring tools, Optivity, HP Openview, CA Unicenter, DCA Remote LAN Node and PC Anywhere/LAN
Operating Systems:  VMware, Netware, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, IRIX, BSD, Linux, NextOS, SCO, Mac OS, Mac OS X, DOS, Windows 286/3/NT 4.0/2000/XP/7/8/10, Windows Servers, etc.
Directory Services:  LDAP, Novell, X.500, Microsoft Active Directory, OpenLDAP, UM slapd/slurpd
Messaging:  EDI file exchange communications (ftp, sftp, ftps); Netscape Messaging Server, Multiplexor; SMTP, POP3, IMAP4; Microsoft Exchange; Lotus Domino/Notes; Novell MHS, GroupWise; cc:Mail; Microsoft Mail; UNIX sendmail
Hardware:  CISC, RISC Computers; Liebert Cooling and UPS's, Best and APC UPS's; SCSI devices; NFR; scanning/OCR; peripheral device sharing; CAD/CAM software/hardware; advanced memory/interrupt management; printers, plotters, and copiers
Storage:  EMC SAN, IBM SAN, Compaq StorageWorks SAN, AMAZON AWS SFS and Glacier, SYNOLOGY, BackBlaze
Physical Networking:  SNMP management; building of data cabling; Out Of Band (OOB), ArcNet, Ethernet (10 - 10000 Mb/s), FDDI, and Token-Ring (Type 1 and 3); SUN, Cisco, Bay Networks, Wellfleet, SynOptics, Western Multiplex, and NorTel concentrators, repeaters, switches, muxes, firewalls, bridges, brouters, and routers
Modems, CSU/DSU's:  Kentrox, CUBIX, US Robotics Total Control, and all types of stand-alone modems and CSU/DSU's, including cable modems, such as Motorola SB3/4100
Wireless Networking:  Point-Point and Point-MultiPoint bridging of IEEE 802.3; 802.11(FH), 802.11a, and 802.11b broadcasting
Web Development:  W3C standards and initiatives for Web Development, such as HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, XML/cXML, XHTML, ECMAscript, WAI; CAST and The Web Standards Project's BUI efforts; scripting environments such as Java, PHP, UNIX shell
Databases:  MySQL, PostgreSQL, ORACLE, SQL Server, and some others, such as DB2, RBase, etc.
E-mail use training/testing:  Knowbe4 phish testing/training, internally built and managed malicious emails prevention, OpenDNS domain name system forward, and Sendgrid email campaigning services
e-Commerce:  All major VAN's; LIAISON Delta/ECS; IBM Sterling Integrator; internally-built EDI Library; major clearinghouses such as AMAZON storefront, BRIGHTREE, DSSi, Procurement Partners, Home Care Home base; EDI file exchange communications with most supplier-used transaction sets, etc.
Security:  PKI, E-Mail Anti-Virus Security, SSL, PIX, SonicWall, Proofpoint, and Checkpoint Firewalls

Recruiting, hiring, training, and retaining employees; Google web tools; On-line Social Networking; NOS, protocol, and workstation migrations; project management (estimating, scheduling, PERT/Gantt charts, etc.); advanced laboratory equipment (physiograph, oscilloscope, centrifuge, DAS16F, SEM, NMR, GC, GC-MS, AA, etc.); President of Harbortowne Property Owners' Association (59 homes, 2004-2014); Board of Director member and over Landscaping committee for Northbay Property Owners' Association (510 homes, 2017-Current)

Millsaps College
    Graduated May-1990
Jackson, MS    
B. S. in Pre-Medical/Biology with Technical Sciences Emphasis: 3.64/4.00 QPA

Graduated in May, 1990 with honors, distinction, and the Biology Research Award. Received Ford Foundation and Howard Hughes Medical Institute Pre-Medical teaching/research fellowships for parturition physiology research. Designed, built, digitally interfaced, and implemented physiological testing devices. Gained strong background in laboratory instrument setup and calibration, use of and connectivity for ARPANET/NSFNet, digital file transfer using UUCP over POTS lines, digital and analogue instrument integration/data parsing with microcomputer systems, and writing grant proposals/ justifications. Developed general understanding of UUNET's Usenet and AlterNet, DEC VAX operating environment, including mid-range computer network communications, electronic mail and news, and statistical computing and modeling. Thesis presented and published at MAS and the MCSRS. Member of BBB Biology, AED Pre-Medical, and TNS Natural Science Honoraries. Dean's List, all semesters.

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